Watch the new trailer for the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

Seaspiracy is a 2021 documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker.

The film premiered on Netflix globally in March 2021 and garnered immediate attention in several countries. The film was produced by Kip Andersen, director of the documentary Conspiracy and What The Health.

The film features human impacts on marine life such as plastic marine debrisghost nets and overfishing around the world.It argues that commercial fisheries are the main driver of marine ecosystem destruction. It criticizes several marine conservation organizations, including the Earth Island Institute and its dolphin safe label and the sustainable seafood certifications of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Seaspiracy advocates for marine reserves and the elimination of fish consumption. The documentary also covers the Taiji dolphin drive huntwhaling in the Faroe Islands, and modern slavery within the fishing industry in Thailand.

MUST WATCH! It made us think how nobody ever talked about those subjects. To know more about it go to SEASPIRACY