MODA.DOC was created to show the best of Latin America in respect to ethical fashion and crafts. It is a film that wants to show to the world the identity of Latin America, its people, its talents and its aspirations and ideas. The content of the project will show fashion positively through brands that can inspire, as well as showcase real and sustainable solutions to industry and market problems. They seek to speak about the present with an eye into the future.


MODA.DOC América Latina met Genaro Quispe Ayama, who is an embroiderer of the community in Huaylluta, province of Canas in the Cusco region of Peru. He explains the importance of valuing his work and sharing his knowledge with his family. Genaro is part of a group of artisans that collaborate with the Peruvian brand Las Polleras de Agus whose founder Griela Perez got inspired to launch her ethical brand by producing an embroidered skirt for her daughter Agus.


Rodrigo is a professional model as well as a photographer and film producer who takes a wide view on the fashion system. He created PLUS Art Films for excellence in storytelling celebrating the extraordinary transformation of the world.

The production company aims to provoke inspiration and debates among the audiences. The first relevant work of PLUS Art Films is the documentary film about ethical fashion and crafts MODA.DOC América Latina. His international career as a model and the studies of Sociology, Law, Environmental Law and Cinema provides Rodrigo Müller with a solid base for his work.

“Fashion, as most people know, is about to be transformed and this is great news. The ethical fashion movement is growing and the future is now. It is more than urgent to promote sustainable fashion and conscious consumption, in a society used to what is immediate. Our goal is to shed light to those who make sustainable and ethical fashion in Latin America, but also to go a little further. We seek to educate consumers to understand their true role: the protagonists. It is the consumer who has the power to change and tell a new story about fashion. The consumer is responsible for its choices, just as brands must be transparent in their processes.” Rodrigo

“Today there is an urgent need for education of the general public

to develop the concept of conscious consumption.

The consumer must be aware of the influence of media.

The consumer has the real power. The power of demand.

The market only seeks to respond to the demand.”

Rodrigo Muller

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