"A voyage, an unexpected encounter and a bag that is still alive today"


It was 2019 when Iacobella Gaetani, returning from one of many trips that have marked the different stages of her life, sets her mind to create a new project: IACOBELLA.

The object of creation was clear to her from the beginning: the bag, the epitome of feminine accessories, a perfect traveling partner with a strong identity feel.

The idea originated from the creation of a Colombian “Mochila”, a result of a chance encounter with a fellow artist on a beach in Rio. Thus, the first true creation of IACOBELLA was born, containing all of what would become the distinctive traits of the brand: leather, hardy and robust on the edge of everlasting, hand-stitching that defies time, and a gemstone, a live accessory that is partly a whim, but not only.

Authenticity is their main objective when creating bags: a “naked and sacred” accessory that portrays the soul of whoever wears it.


“A bag is something that always accompanies us. An extension of ourselves

that holds and protects our most important and coveted possessions”



Past, present, and future bonding is what occurs in the Florentine company that produces IACOBELLA bags. The place where the traditional Italian handcrafted know-how encounters contemporary innovative techniques, creating accessories that are the unconditional style accomplice for every woman, the perfect union of aesthetics and practicality.

The leather-working stage is crucial to the IACOBELLA production process. This noble material is a symbol of longevity. Each piece is assembled almost completely by hand and is frequently obtained from industry’s scraps, contributing to a circular production.

Solid, practical, not in the least submitted to the excesses of the fashion industry, leather is the main idea behind our designer Iacobella Gaetani’s vision for her bags, calling for resistance through a durable material that invites consumer awareness.

Bearing in mind the winning combination of aesthetics and practicality, IACOBELLA collections have been enriched each season with alternative materials such as velvet, “cavallino” leather and raffia. New variations to a common objective: versatility.


Gems from the “brightest place on Earth” and the colours from India

You know it’s a IACOBELLA bag when you identify its signature features: a gemstone latch and the vibrant colour combinations. 

These trademarks spring from the influence that two countries with different locations and traditions have had on the designer Iacobella Gaetani, capable of telling powerful stories with their strength.

The gems- quartz, sandstone, amethyst or fluorite- are all unique and selected personally by the designer and an expert gemmologist in Brasil from a truly loved place by the designer, defined by NASA as “the brightest on Earth” due to its high quantity of natural crystals.

So much more than a mere stylistic object, the gem is used as a latch for the bag, as an alternative of the classic metal components, adding energetic properties that are transmitted and gifted to its owner.

The colours, unexpected, strong and bright, are the legacy of her experience in India. Combining them in ways that are different and surprising each time.




> Since July, 2020 Iacobella’s factory runs on 100% renewable energy and offset carbon footprint by working with materials that are up-cycled, locally sourced, and locally produced.

> Committed to work with charities that they are personally connected and aligned with, Iacobella collaborates with Another Skin, a project that gives girls who are victims of trafficking the opportunity to learn a new profession which allows them to live with dignity and independence with their new-found freedom. Through a process of visits to their atelier and factory, the girls from Another Skin experience first-hand a number of traditional Italian leather-making skills and different working environments.