A Perfect Nomad represents the free spirit in us all, at liberty to roam the earth but perfect and whole exactly as we are. We are a way of seeing and moving around the world, with attitude and actions based in love and kindness. An organic and ethical resort wear collection born on the island of Ibiza. A Perfect Nomad is cultivated by the rhythm and esthetics of the bohemian traveler. Dedicated to creating conscious, ethereal pieces that speak to the soul of barefoot luxury. Through our organic fabrics, ethical practices and charitable projects, our mission is to create the change we wish to see and champion the conscious future that we believe in.



"British born but a nomad at heart. I started the journey of A Perfect Nomad in 2018

to express my inner world and create a brand that could give something back to the community

and environment while reflecting the natural bohemian style that embodies my true nature.

I left the corporate world and City life in London for a more fulfilling and creative purpose and destiny.

Drawn to places of magic and energy I moved my little family to Ibiza where we now live

a slow life up in the wild North of the Island. ‘The island has a special beauty and freedom,

it is a place that celebrates individuality and soulful living. It is where the creative essence

of the brand lives and breathes.’

I started this journey with the drive for a deeper purpose. Ultimately, I wanted to create

beautiful timeless garments of the highest quality with an aesthetic and message that

spoke to the soul of freedom and confidence. I wanted to create a brand that expressed and

nurtured a slow and conscious approach to living. It was a way of combining all my ideals

and so creating something that I really stood for and could evolve with, creatively and spiritually.

I spent a couple of years designing and developing my first collection. I travelled to

India, a country I love, to find artisans and organic suppliers to work with.

Working with only certified GOTS organic fabrics for each design. From seed to sew to

send I wanted to create a transparent supply chain where all stages and components of

production were as ethical and sustainable as possible, reducing the use of natural resources

and giving back to the community, culture and environment. It has been a journey and I am

learning and evolving with it every day.

My advice to anyone is to find your own authentic and stick to it.

Don’t sacrifice the person you are just for recognition or acceptance. You want to see

yourself everything you create. Be kind to yourself and never stop in your pursuit of magic."



A Perfect Nomad eliminates the use of synthetics and plastics, using only beautiful natural fibers. Their silks are Organic Peace Silks (Ahimsa Silk), ensuring that no harm is caused to the silk worm and we work with 100%. Natural Organic Cotton, using GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standard) certified fabric and manufacturers, which is grown without the use of harsh pesticides and fertilizers and uses less water than the non-organic process. They want to make long lasting beautiful pieces, unaffected by time or trends to reduce waste and go against the throw away mentality of our current culture.

"We can, and should, improve the lives of the people we touch.

A Perfect Nomad Collections are made ethically by working closely with

communities of artisans who hand make each and every garment.

We ensure good wages and fair employment and champion and conserve

traditional ancient techniques by using handwoven fabrics, hand dying and block printing methods.

We believe that the most beautiful pieces are those that are embedded with the story of their maker."




"As a business, we understand our responsibility to give back to our community.

We have partnered with the Women’s Empowerment Charity Impact to help transform

the lives of girls and their families in rural areas in India with 10% of the profit from each garment

going towards setting up our own learning centers in economically disadvantaged communities.

A Perfect Nomad first school has just been opened in a rural community in Alwar, Rajasthan,

near our production unit where girls would not be able to go to school and further themselves if

they did not have this opportunity. We hope to continue to support these girls and hopefully

open more schools on the future to educate and empower."