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Born with a sustainable philanthropic mission after the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake. Armadillo Stores came up with the perfect recipe: poverty relief, cultural preservation, international promotion of local products and tourism, and end client involvement with poverty relief and ethnic topics via a sustainable and renewable project. 

Indigenous communities in Ecuador have migrated from their regions into bigger cities, disrupting families, to find jobs or to beg for money in the streets. Some live under serious poverty levels especially when health needs show up. With our project, we make sure that families stay together as we generate jobs, preserving ancient traditions and crafts while creating atmospheres full of love and motivation. There are hundreds of weavers willing to return to weaving, as the income they could make is important for the household economy.  
The weaving of shigras is an intricate technique that is passed down from generation to generation, and its production, from sourcing the raw material to weaving the finest natural handbags, is completely local and sustainable. This ancestral tradition is in extinction since the weaving process is difficult, takes time, and is not well paid. Many weavers have grown old, passed away, and the next generations don't find weaving attractive and move to bigger cities to find jobs. The high-quality techniques are disappearing; therefore, our mission is to position this product internationally creating awareness. Shigra World by Armadillo pays a fair price and motivates weavers.
Shigras have been historically used by women in the mountains or jungle to carry food or seeds into the fields. It is a tradition to go into the cemetery on the day of the death carrying shigras with food.




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