Leticia in Alto Paraiso (Haigh Paradise), one of the most mystical places in Brazil.

All handbags are handmade by her.


"I always had the gift of mix, match and create. At 18, when I had to choose an University, I chose Advertising, because I thought the environment of creation could put into practice all my creative skills. Instead, my greatest inspiration in this period were the friends that I made at University, creative people, that just like me, treasured above all the freedom to see, know and be in touch with what actually transforms us and gives us direction.Travelling to different places of Brazil, connecting with nature and talking to people who lived different from the traditional model of modern society, made me give up the routine of an advertising career, where I would be tied to a chair, desk and computer.I wanted to fly. Stay in contact with water, sun, animals and real people were my inspirations to live. The electronic music festivals were a new stage in my life, because I've been in touch with the most beautiful landscapes, incredible people and the most transformative experiences. In 2005, the Trancendence was my first electronic music festival and alternative culture at Chapada dos Veadeiros in Goiás. I got in touch with the alternative culture, the hippie universe and a new way of looking at life.The transformation of my identity took place from there. My inspirations were the way those people dressed, ate, worked, created their craft and related to each other and the world. My passion for craftsmanship in leather was aroused in 2007 when I went to Universo Paralelo in Bahia, one of the largest world music festivals. Was thru the purchase of a leather and Agatha necklace that I discovered my real passion. I started this new career with the knowledge passed from mother to daughter. My mother always was connected with art and taught me to sew and create.In 2012 I created the first collection of Namaste, developed various accessories in boho style and bags of fringes that became our trademark, I named the collection Urban Gypsy, that says a lot about my career and my lifestyle. It was an important step because in addition to discover the real identity of the brand, I started working on collections and collecting new materials, always with freestyle.The collections has no date to release, they walk in the rhythm of my desires and inspirations. When a journey is approaching, I create a collection and I click the photos in the scenario that I am, my models are the friends who accompanied me and like me, are connected with everything. To me, the most natural and real, the better!"