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Kasia Kulenty

Inspired by the rich hues and centuries long weathering of walls in the Yucatán, each Kasia Kulenty collection embodies comfort in luxury, and is dedicated to the empowerment of both the wearer and creator of each cotton gown. 
Since the beginning of time, women have gathered together and through their laughter, singing, tears and joy, they have created - for a sense of purpose, for survival, to feed their children, to feel inspired, and above all, in order to create that which connects us all - community. 
Every piece of this collection is a true example of mindful slow fashion, requiring a minimum of 12 meters of airy cotton that is artfully hand cut, sewn, braided and then individually dyed by spirited local artisans. By focusing on the artistry of handcraft and its longstanding traditions in all corners of the world, we are enriched with the knowledge of the present and the past... as well as understanding the importance of creating sustainable futures.

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