Neon + Black Short Pet Hut

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These woven and NEW pet beds (we call them 'huts') mean you are no longer trying to tuck your pet's home behind the couch, or throwing it somewhere when you have guests.  These beds are so cute they are ideal for any room in your home.  

The pet beds are intricately designed and woven by hand and will surely leave a lasting impression in your home decoration, and we hear that furry friends love them just as much as you do.  We promise, you're cat won't want to leave it's cave! 

Their natural, fresh and fun look will add a globally conscious and effortless look to your home.


  • Approximately 16" W x 24" H 
  • Fair Trade, Nest Seal of Transparency
  • Made in Ghana
  • Products are made of elephant grass
  • Organic dyes are used to dye the grass
  • Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product

These delicately textured and handcrafted woven baskets were made by groups of women in intimate communities in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana in an ethical, fair trade environment.

Care Instructions:

  • To clean or re-shape your basket, simply wet it with cool water, shape it as needed, and allow it to air dry. 
  • The basket should be watered once a year to hydrate the straw and keep it supple. 
  • Avoid using chemicals or detergents. 

Meaning & Purpose

The material used for weaving in Bolgatanga is elephant grass, this grass is only available in the southern part of Ghana, Kumasi to be precise. The grasses are harvested and dried up, a process which might take up to three (3) days. It is then tied together in big bundles and transported to the Bolga markets. This is where most of the weavers buy their raw materials. The straw grass is further processed before weaving begins.

  • Straw is collected and splitted then rolled/twisted for texture. 
  • Straw is dyed to give a vibrant color before weaving begins.