Spiritum Tulum

Spiritum Tulum was created in 2015 by Rosana Lavergne Schnitman, born in Argentina and Mexicana at heart. From a family of textile manufactures and an embroiderer grandmother, Rosana
grew up surrounded by fabrics, threads and needles. After traveling for work for twenty years around the world, she found in Tulum, through the sea, the cenotes, the jungle, and the people
the inspiration for the creation of Spiritum Tulum.


“We make fashion with purpose, creating luxury pieces, empowering Mexican cultural techniques,
working with communities in the Mayan region.” Rosana


Spiritum Tulum
“There´s strength in sisterhood 💫 Your soul family are those who are tuned into your frequency.
You are connected by energy and frequency. They are your daily reminders from the Universe, that on the deepest level of our existence, #weareone 🍃
 Our beautiful soul family from @lalunafamily sharing magical moments in our handmade dresses #habdmadeislove 💫



The production of Spiritum pieces requires time, effort and dedication. Their process takes around 45 days. Hand dyed fabrics takes: wash - dye - seal - dry - wash to get the desired
softness and natural winkles that identify Spiritum Tulum garments. They delve into the nature of the elements used, from the root to the human being who works it. For Spiritum,
teamwork is essential and they emphasize giving each of the person that make it, a fair and dignified treatment and working with ecological and sustainable materials.
Spiritum pieces are handcrafted woven by women from their region, always treated with respect and given fair wages. They aim to support local communities, and each person who is
part of their team of production and creation. Handmade in Mexico, in the city of Playa del Carmen, their production favors fair, sustainable and honest work.




Spiritum works with fabrics such as cotton jute, artisanal cotton, cotton gauze, and birdseed working with ecological and sustainable materials that reduce the environmental impact.