Kai was created in 2017 by Lena, it was a blooming of the seeds planted in her heart through her travels. From a deep love and connection to ancient tribes and their traditions, crafts, textiles and rituals, woven magic, prayer in textile. Each dress tells a story…

Kai designer Lena has been passionate about textile, art and self expression since her childhood. She began first to design at the beginning of 2007 when she left her homeland Israel, and started a nomadic life of travel and adventure around the world starting in South India (Goa). It was a natural evolution of her inspiration to self express her inner journey. A creative play inspired by her travels, nature and the beautiful people she met. Her travels took her from the tropical Goan beaches to the desert in Rajasthan, the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, flowing holy Ganga river, all the way to the Mexican desert lands, sea shores, the Andes mountains of Peru, to the turquoise nourishing waters of the islands in Thailand. Lena creates for the Wild, Unique and Free in you! And wishes to inspire creativity, beauty and more self love. She invites you to dream and believe in yourself! 

Lena works very closely with a small family owned factory in Goa. She spends her days working together with the tailors, creating samples, quality checking each and every dress, cutting little treads… She works in a fair trade, care and respect with their workers, in a beautiful tropical environment. Creating slowly and in small batches. Without mass production, and with a lot of love!


“Follow no authority but your own true nature”



“My name is Lena, I was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel. In the last 15 years I've been traveling the world. The last 4 years have been based between Goa (India), Koh Pangan ( Thailand ), and France. At the moment we are in France ( with my husband and my son).As mentioned above, I'm working with a small family owned factory in Goa, we only have 3 tailors that are working with us. The production is a slow and organic process. We are taking the time to create each piece with time, love and care!  Our tailors are  well paid and treated with a lot of care and respect.I'm using different materials, most of them are natural fiber. I love working with block prints, and we do our own screen prints. I Love very soft cottons and Linens (especially falling in love with Linens lately)India is magic! Every place is different and holds its own majesty! My favorite place off all times is Goa… I love driving my motorbike through the coconut trees smelling the sea… meeting with beautiful inspiring people, artists from around the world… and feeling home more than anywhere else in the world!"


''To Those Who Can Dream There Is No Such Place As Far Away ‘'


“NO POVERTY! I believe everybody deserves financial freedom and independence! To support  themselves, their families and the education of their children.My vision for my brand is to expand, and grow to a place where we can support  more people and tribal communities around the world! To give them work - to keep doing their art! And helping them to support themselves! That's one of my goals, is to bring financial freedom and abundance to places where it is needed!”