Iacobella combines the classical skills and materials of fine leather working in Florence with a design approach inspired by the ingenuity of ancient craft traditions from around the world. Led by founder and Creative Director, Iacobella Gaetani, the bags are designed and handmade to be useful and playful, hard-wearing, and beautiful.


Iacobella’s bags are handmade and hand-stitched with care and pride by expert leather makers in their workshop in Florence. Their experienced makers belong to a Florentine leather-working tradition that is many centuries old but becoming rarer and rarer. By continuing to make Iacobella’s bags by hand they ensure the longevity of the bags themselves and preserving the skills required to make them. All bags are handmade in Florence, with local materials like the leathers and raffia used.

Each bag is individually ornamented with a gemstone that doubles as a clasp. The stones are all unique, each selected and hand cut by gemmologist and master-cutter Leonardo Arcadi. Arcadi sources the quartz, sandstone, amethyst, fluorite, and corundum stones personally from small family-owned mines in Brazil where labor conditions and wages meet the extremely high standards upon all suppliers.

“A bag is something that always accompanies us. An extension of ourselves

that holds and protects our most important and coveted possessions”



Raised between Italy, the UK, and the Caribbean, Iacobella Gaetani was born into a life of perpetual travel with an insatiable curiosity for culture and knowledge. Through these travels, she grew fascinated by native people who were still closely intact with their natural surroundings, and their unique artistic ability to express their relationship between nature and crafts. By weaving, embroidering, textiles and natural materials, ancient artisanal traditions and history are passed down from generation to generation. Iacobella created her first leather bag on a beach in Rio de Janeiro together with the city’s local artisans. From that moment on she decided to launch her own collection of artisanal handcrafted bags in Rome, Italy.

“It started as a hobby creating accessories for me and my friends which I have always done while traveling. I started receiving many requests for new creations, and that’s when I decided to start a made in Italy brand, which would recreate the designs that I was doing with artisans abroad.”

When asked which one is her favorite piece at the moment, she said that loves the new multi-colored collection which are the NIRMALA and ALA belt bags. “I find them very joyful and they put me in a great mood. Although I am also very proud of the outcome of the Vienna bags because there was a long and meticulous process behind the creation of them."

Favorite Quote: My mantra that a friend once told me “Don’t live life too seriously, live life sacredly””


“If I would have to suggest a place to visit in Italy it would be Sardinia and the Dolomites. They are by far my favorite places in Italy.

I love Sardinia because the water is super clear, a great place to visit. While the Dolomites are breathtakingly beautiful.”

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia


Iacobella aims to keep centuries of Italian traditions alive and believes that it is

their responsibility to contribute for the natural environment. For every sale,

they plant a tree in Guatemala, through the project called “ZeroCO2.”