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A documentary from David Attenborough that recounts his life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth, to grieve the of wild places and offer a vision for the future.


MODA.DOC was created to show the best of Latin America in respect to ethical fashion and crafts. It is a film that wants to show to the world the identity of Latin America, its people, its talents and its aspirations and ideas.


A conversation with Carol de Leon from Angkan about sustainability and what happens to the clothing when we give it away


A conversation with Carol de Leon from Angkan about sustainability and what happens to the clothing when we give it away

An artistic project to raise awareness on climate breakdown and human-caused threats to the environment

"We are one family, we are one Kenya. Regardless of the tribe they come from, we take them. In Africa, we can only move forward, only win, if we trust each other." Charles Mully

Following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, RIVER BLUE spans the globe to infiltrate one of the world’s most pollutive industries, fashion.

An intimate profile of the photographer and artist, whose career has documented Africa's epic landscapes and indigenous species for nearly six decades.

A Plastic Ocean, the sad reality about the plastic pollution, we must change our behavior and do something about it asp.


Made in Peru

"Be the change you want to see in your wardrobe"

The Precious Heritage Project

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution


"For me a portrait is about connection. Somehow you connect with a person, visually or emotionally"

Steve McCurry

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions

"Couldn’t we achieve better result if we look for models of cultivation that provide favorable conditions for good growth of plants, rather than create genotypes that support the mistreatment to which we submit them?" Gotsch.

Sometimes we don't stop to think about how our habits can affect the environment

A movement to save the world by creating and implementing solutions to the most basic global problems

A school in the middle of the jungle, designed to have the lowest carbon footprint possible

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