Cubana is a Mexican sustainable brand from Guadalajara. They work with 100% natural organic cotton, and artisanal dyeing techniques that have existed throughout the history.

They believe that less is more, so their clothes can be wrapped in the same material without having to add extra pieces, giving the versatility to use it in many ways.




“My name is Viviana Urrea, I am 35 years old, I was born in Guadalajara Mexico and I still live here. I am married and have two children. Marina, 8, and Gonzalo, 3. I Studied fashion

design, and I have a brand of wedding dresses. You can find me as @vivianaurreabridal, I opened my bridal atelier in 2010. Since I was a child I loved everything that had to do with

design and art. I am passionate about history, geopolitics and art. I started Cubana 5 years ago, but without a clear idea of what I wanted, I made four different versions until I got

what it is today. I discovered that within my personality I have those two faces, one that is the perfectionist with very little margin of error and very structured (as it is a wedding

dress) and the other free, versatile, full of color and multifaceted (as it is Cubana). The name Cubana really has nothing to do with Cuba, from a very young age my father is

nicknamed El Cubano, and for the same reason I became Cubanita. My best friend came up with the thought of calling Cubana the brand, which I loved. I started to play with the

possibilities that can give you the same fabric, and the world of dyeing and color. That's how Cubana was born. But it wasn't until the time the pandemic gave me, when I was able to

activate and work in Cubana.” Viviana


Cubana Capa




FABRICS: 100% Natural Organic Cotton


DESIGN: Each piece is designed by Viviana Urrea 


CUT: “We buy our fabrics locally, and they pass into the hands of Joel our cutter. Joel was born in Mexico City but has been living in Guadalajara for years, it was great luck

to find him, he is an incredible and hardworking person”


TAILORING: ‘’Alma, Lorena, María and Lucía are in charge of shaping each of our pieces, these beautiful artisans are over 40 years old and each one has families to support.’’


DYEING: ‘’The pieces already made return to my hands, I am in charge of the dyeing, I know that I could start to delegate this step, but I find in the hand dyeing a therapeutic

and meditative moment in my days. When I'm dyeing I enter a creative and learning-intensive state.’’


IRONING: ‘’Doris is in charge of leaving each shiny piece. Doris is a 56-year-old lady with a lot of economic need. She is an expert in ironing and you can see that she enjoys

the process very much.’’




‘My favorite piece is the Cubana Capa, and its story is quite funny. We were celebrating the birthday of a great friend Francisco, and I said to Francisco, I'm working on a very

special gift for you. (Francisco is a super cheerful person and much loved by people) to which Francisco quickly replied; IT'S A CAPE!!!!, can't answer (it was a bottle of tequila

with his initials) gave me a lot of laughter, and I decided to design and give him his cape that he wanted so much. Then I made some changes to the cape, but that's its story,

and now Francisco feels the intellectual genius of the Cape hahaha.’’




“It is difficult to decide a single place in Mexico, we have all kinds of experiences and a beautiful country to discover. I don't stop feeling proud to be Mexican. But you definitely

have to know Jalisco the land of Tequila. It is said that the most creative people in Mexico are in Jalisco. Many of the best chefs, artists, designers, musicians, are and live in Jalisco.

I would love to be able to receive you in this beautiful land, eat delicious, jump from cantina to cantina and have an amazing time."









''We believe work dignifies, we value and respect time. We know how important it is to be able to grow as a person, and spend quality time with the people we love. Our way of

working is as a team, and as a team leader I like to listen to the needs of each person, where they come from and who they want to be. I believe in empathy as a primary value.

And I also believe that generosity gives abundance and happiness. At work there always has to be a win win. We are aware of the environment, water and electric energy, we

use what is necessary, always trying to use the least. Being the mother of two children, we always instill this respect for the earth, people and ourselves.'