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The White Raven designer Mafalda developed her style combining her BA in fine arts (Central Saint Martins in London) with her passion for ancient and exotic textile production and culture, further deepened by a life of travels and a lust for curious experience. In reverence to the mastery of times past, and in celebration of the possibilities that lay beyond, The White Raven weaves together time, culture, story and fashion. With modern designs, world inspired patterns, and traditional techniques, The White Raven is a collection that speaks to the softness and the boldness within each of us. With designs ranging from the effortless elegance of silk kimonos, dresses that feel like wearing the breeze, and moving into more textural pieces that pay homage to nature and the nature lover. Made with natural fibers of hand loomed cottons & raw silk, pieces featuring hand block prints, hand embellished beaded embroidered details. A simultaneously bold and graceful expression of femininity, The White Raven suits the woman that loves to honor her uniqueness. And caters to the appreciator of fashion, and lovers of life. 

She who is well travelled, and wild hearted. She who is confident and strong, yet remain soft and possess a romantic heart. She who remembers she is nature. White Raven is poetry in textiles for you. 

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