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Heimat designs are inspired by the architecture of India's urban settlements, infamously known as slum dwellings. The colors and textures represent some of the elements found there. The letter ‘E’ in the Heimat logo shows an open door, which embraces opportunities, and the door to independence can be opened, if we find the courage to walk through it. Heimat is inspired by the concept of belonging. The embroidery represents an aerial view of urban topography, where wealthy, gated communities sit next to slum dwellings, thus creating this uneven texture of the social fabric. They are connected physically, but societal structures keep them disconnected.

Gayatri Jolly, the founder and creative director of Heimat, is also the founder of MasterG, the intensive program that strives to break traditional gender norms and empowers a new generation of women. Her social enterprise is empowering young women to learn and master the techniques of a traditional tailor in India, known as masterji, which only males had access to be trained, and there was no opportunity for women, that were hired for end-stage tasks, like sewing buttons to garments. Since its inception in 2015, MasterG has trained more than 1,000 women through three training centers in Delhi and Haryana. See more of her beautiful project for gender equality in India at MasterG.

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