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FE HANDBAGS products are extremely unique, handcrafted by expert artisans, and exclusively sought after. Each product is handmade by Colombian artisans, with 100% leather.  FE works with traditional art patterns provided by indigenous tribes such as Kunas, Embera and Wayuu. The brand has a special emphasis on woman’s rights and fair trade practices with the tribes, which are typically neglected and disadvantaged.


How and when did you start your brand? 

"Fe was born in 2015 to help to solve the social problem of indigenous homeless people from Chocó that live in Medellín, Colombia. This is why we have decided to work in cooperation with the indigenous women from the Embera, Tule and Wayuu communities, designing handbags and jewelry."

Your dream for the future is...

"Fe has an special emphasis on fair work and trade practices with the tribes. In particular, we work with homeless Indigenous women in the city of Medellin, empowering them to be able to provide for their family using the traditional artisanal techniques they learned in their tribes. Because we believe a job and purpose is the best way to break the cycle of poverty these women are stuck in to bring them opportunities and a better future."

Valentina Palacios

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