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Catarina Mina

Catarina Mina is a sustainable brand from Brazil, the first one in the country to be transparent and open their costs.

Each bag is 100% handmade by Brazilian artisans, with premium metals, tassels, straws and yarns, most of them from Brazil. The bag comes with a certificate with the name of the artisan who made it! It’s a unique piece that will make you feel fresh and sunny, no matter the season. 


CATARINA MINA started in 2005 by Celina Hissa and a group of artisans. They exchanged experiences and together came that wish to worship the Brazilian artisanal work that has been passed through generations. Celina formed a cooperative brand, that today has 40 Brazilian artisans working and the brand decided to open all the products costs and work with 100% transparency.

Your dream for the future is…

"The perfect future for us is to look back and know that we did something important for the Brazilian craft and craftswoman. To do this, we need to get bigger, to go further, to increase artisans profits, to hire more artisans, to sell more… And that’s why we are expanding our business to Europe and US."

What would you like to change in the world?

"Our mission is to keep Brazilian craft ALIVE. Many years of manufactured clothes and non-valorization of Brazilian craft left many artisanal “languages” extinct. Catarina Mina, with design in collaboration of many beautiful workers/ artisans in Brazil, brings bright colors, design, to languages like crochet, macramê, renda and other languages we inherited."

Celina Hissa 




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