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SOLANGE - Trancoso

Solange is from Sao Carlos and moved to Trancoso in 1998, when the village was still calm and full of hippies and artists. She learned to do crochet when she was a teenager and always created pieces to wear. Her favourite pieces were the bikinis and specially when she moved to Trancoso, because that was all you needed to have! 

She created her favourite bikini when she was living in Trancoso in the 90's, when there was music festivals and the color fluorescent became very popular. This bikini became her signature and her passion, she has been selling it at the beach since then. All the pieces are handmade by her and she writes her name inside it. Recently her bikini was copied by many brands all over the world, at the beginning she was very sad, but now she got over it and fells proud that the creation she believed for so long has now been recognised and admired by so many people.  




Ariana and Solange at Trancoso beach in 2012






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